USB interface info

for use in Cubase …
some of the 100$ USB interfaces have only 1 xlr/1/4 combo jack although some also have an additional 1/4 jack in also. If they have only an XLR and you plug a 1/4 stereo plug into it from a small stereo out synth will it show on the Cubase track as a stereo track??? or as a mono only track???

Depends on the Audio interface ( not Cubase )

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1/4 inch Stereo jack for pro audio is very uncommon (it’s more a hifi/PC/modular synth thing). You would need a specialist interface that accepts stereo 1/4 inch. 99% of the interfaces on the market would not accept stereo through one jack, but there might be one out there if you look specifically for it.

Cubase just does what you tell it within the confides of what your interface offers. If your interface accepts stereo as one jack, it would, I assume be routed as 2 unbalanced inputs to cubase.

Most interfaces use balanced 1/4 inch mono jacks though, they have Tip/ring and sleeve … two for the signal +/- and one for ground. Each jack making up 1 mono connection. They wont understand stereo 1/4 inch jacks normally, and will just send your right channel to ground due to how they are wired, leaving the left as an unbalanced mono signal.

You could buy a female stereo 1/4 inch jack to dual mono male L/R 1/4 inch jacks though I’m sure. This you would need 2x1/4inch mono inputs on the interface.
Or you could get a female 1/4 inch stereo to RCA male (red and white) … and buy an interface with an RCA stereo input, these are quite common in budget interfaces too.