USB interface = No sound

I need help!!!

I have bought an M-Audio Fast track USB interface and I have no sound or recognition that there is any input.
I am running Cubase Ai7 on Windows 10.

I do not even know whether to create an ‘Audio’, ‘instrument’ or ‘MIDI’ track?

When I create a new project, a pop up comes up stating ‘missing ports’'.
Under ‘missing ports’ it has, ‘Microphone (high definition 1’
Microphone (high definition 2
Under 'Mapped ports it states in red, ‘unmapped’.

My options to change the unmapped ports are: ‘HD audio Mic input 1’
and ‘HD audio Mic input 2’

In devices=> Device Setup. My only option for ASIO input is HD audio Mic input 1
ASIO output HD audio output 1
When I put the CD in to install drivers, it said I could not, but when I plugged the Fast track in after Cubase had loaded, on the bottom right of my screen something came up recognising the Fast track unit.

Please help me!!!


I would recommend to download the latest driver from the vendor web page.

Once yu install it, select the M-Audio ASIO driver in the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System.

I would recommend to watch some Cubase Quick Start video tutorials. On the official Steinberg YouTube channel, there are good one. The one for Cubase 7 shows this basic setup.