USB-keaboard stops sending midi to C7 Art etc

C7 Art 7,01 32Bit
Samson Graphite 49 usb keaboard/controller as a Mackie controll on 05 and as a keaboard on 01 thru usb-port no midicable.
RME Babyface
Windows 7 Home premium 64bit.
Softsynths; Colossus, Kontakt 5, Realguitar3, Drumcore3, Ik multimedia totalstudio3, bbe.

Issue no1;Start project, all above is loaded in an existing project, issue recently “pop-up” after some time no contact between C7 and controller .
contact reestablished after both keaboard and cubase restart, canot use standalone´s before keaboard is restarted.

Issue no2; wierd behavior like “hot” signal in sound quality from imported waw or rex files from loops or drumcore3.