USB keyboard to Hard & Soft Synths

Hi there,
Just a quick query on a simple situation.
I have a midi keyboard that controls my hard & soft synths.
Now I never had this prob under Cubase 4, but the new Cubase 6.5 has default settings.
The controller works well, but only in the “key editor” window.
It doesn’t trigger in the normal project window.
I tried looking for a check box in preferences, but can’t find the setting.
Is there anything to look for?
Also, where are the saved preferences files in OSX and Win7 stored?
Thanks guys


This is article about the Preferences folders.

I hope, this helps.

Has anyone else got any ideas of how to trigger notes outside of the key editor?

In the project window, check what the MIDI track inspector indicates at ‘input’. Should read All MIDI Inputs, or the MIDI channel of your USB keyboard.

the setup was as instructed with Äll Inputs" on Midi In and the VST Instrument on the output.
With only the project window open. No sounds are triggered, even though the transport bar shows Midi activity and the VST instrument track is verifying the signal.
Still, the only way I can trigger notes/sounds is in the key editor. There has to be a way to play along the score, without having the key editor “On Top”

I´d guess “MIDI Thru” is not active…

silly question but is your monitor button on the track “on” or off ?

Hey guys,
I have checked “Midi Thru” and “Monitor”. Still no advancement.
Anything else? Is it working on your’s?
If so, maybe you can PM me with your pref file or screenshots