USB less licensing with CB 12? You are joking right.......?

It is on the dongle. He is wrong and you are right.

Steve’s a wrongen ,we know that but usually spot on with info but this is BS afaik :wink:

really halion 6 can work without usb elicenser? can i know how? I would need to have it available on both my desktop and laptop

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Define “your content”. Cubase 12 and the Cubase 12 included content are dongle free.

You’re talking about sounds and addons for external plugins like Halion Sonic, or Halion.

Again, these products will require eLicenser until Steinberg updates them to use the new licensing system.

As I wrote, it’s not that difficult. Cubase 12 and included content = no dongle. Any bought addon content or plugins = dongle.

The only two Steinberg products which use the new licensing system are Cubase 12 and Dorico 4.

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Define my content? Did you actually look at the picture?

Why do you think it is so easy to add newly available products to the new licensing system , but so difficult to add older ones? It seems it is more difficult than you make out… unless they are deliberately not adding them… perish the thought…

I feel your pain mate.

in fact, you can’t, as I knew. all material prior to Dorico 4 and Cubase 12 seeks authorization on the dongle, each instrument or library must be directed to the new licensing system. you will have to have a little patience, I guess it is a great amount of work

You don’t make a lot of sense, to be honest. I told you multiple times now that Cubase 12 IS dongle less. You don’t seem to understand that, as you talk the whole time about external content that you bought, which you can’t use with the new licensing system, simply because it doesn’t use the new licensing system.

Try to grasp that concept, otherwise we’re running in circles here.


I make plenty of sense. I buy CB12 to use with all my existing content, If Steinberg make CB12 dongleless then they should also make my existing content dongleless to use with it.

Even you, as challenged as you are, should realise this simple concept.

Simply saying “it doesn’t use the new licensing system” is just not good enough because it all should and it should not be that difficult to do. I am waiting for the organ grinder to turn up to explain (if you get my meaning). Until then we just keep on discussing it…on and on and on…

…and you lose.

No…I’m not selling anything…think about it…

Well, I’m certainly challenged. By such a complete lack of comprehension as you display here. :wink:

Hope that someone with more stamina and patience with you can help you out. Although I’m doubtful. This is pretty hopeless.

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You did not address anything I said. I would like some constructive answers not brown nosing from a CB fanboy. You have a lot of posts and no real content…step away from the keyboard…there’s a good chap.

Plain and simple, Steinberg only said Cubase 12 and Dorico 4 were getting the new licensing scheme. Standalone products, older products and add-ons didn’t and you need to wait for them to migrate over, and use the dongle in the meantime. It’s really not that hard to decipher.


Right…time for some music production with what I have so far. Creativity first.
Good night Boyz & Girlz. :loud_sound:

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Ahh another one…Steinberg said this…blah blah… The post said why are we waiting? Not that we are waiting… That is not even in code…

Enjoy…I will stay here and deal with the usual suspects.

We’ve all been in this long enough to know when to read between the lines of a statement. When I read Steinberg’s statement on C12 I immediately knew that any machine I update to C12 is going to start from 0, I went into it expecting no legacy support whatsoever (even for Steinberg instruments I’ve owned for so long).

I’ve installed modern VST3-only third party plugins along with ONLY the stock C12 plugins and trying out new stuff I never used before. That, to me as an early adopter, is proper use of Cubase 12 until it’s had time to break itself in and become the standard Cubase most users are on. For the rest of my stuff Cubase 11 will stay installed for a long time yet, it ain’t broke so I’m not fixing that.

I do understand the frustration of upgrading to stay current and then having everything else break around you, but this is how most DAWs have been for the past 20 years so I know better than to expect magic.

Kotsaminidis is quite right. I’d go further and say that anyone who leapt right in and upgraded right away has not thought this through. Why would you not wait and let others hit the problems and issues? There are bound to be issues and confusions with a major change like this.