USB Licencer Key

I have been working with Cubase 5 and using my lap top. I want to set up on a new desk top and wanted to know if I use my program disks, reinstall Cubase on the desk top and use my existing licencer key in the desktop, would it work? Can I use it sometimes on my lap top and sometime on my desk top (obviously not at the same time as I only have the one key).

Yes, that’s the whole idea of the dongle.

You can install Cubase on as many computers as you want, just put the dongle in the computer you wish to run Cubase from.

Just be careful of not damaging the dongle if you are plugging/unplugging a lot, the dongle is fragile and easily damaged if you don’t use common sense.

Yes, as long as the key is inserted when using the software it’ll work.
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unfortunately, since upgrading key for use on Cubase 6 on my mac book pro, my cubase installs on my desktop (quadcore ppc) does not recognize the key - any suggestions?

Have you updated the eLC software on the desktop machine?

Usually only newer eLC versions will recognize a newer Cubase key (including any backward compatible versions).
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