usb-license clarification..

Hi Guys,
I’m a newbie to the forum so please bare with me. If this post is in wrong thread(or Topic) then please re-direct me…thanks.
Anyway, bought cubase elements 7 about 6 months ago, downloaded, registered and set up my elicense. Elicense controller is somewhere on computer but cant remember. I know if i go into my steinberg account it shows me details of the license. Have used Cubase on my current laptop running windows 8 64 bit…but now i want to use a dedicated laptop(as i generally use this for surfing net and downloading crap…so as a result i get the general bugs with the crap i download) for my musical projects. I have a macbook pro now waiting to be used. Would i be correct in thinking that i would need to buy the usb-elicenser so i can transfer the license onto the mac and then i can just download elements 7 from the relevent steinberg page? I have looked at several threads regarding usb-elicense but they all seem to digress into different topics and i couldn’t find any specific topics going from using windows to mac versions. I know people wanted to set up cubase on other computers within the houeshold. Some had desktops and wanted to use on laptops for example…but again the people commenting tended to conflict each other and i was none the wiser…lol. I am hoping to give support a call on Monday to clarify this…but if anyone manages to read this in next 24hrs or so and has any thoughts about my thinking of the process then please feel free to comment. Thanks in advance for any input.

To transfer the license, you will need to install the eLCC on the Mac. You will need the new Soft-eLicenser number to request a reactivation through your MySteinberg account.

You can transfer the license to a USB-eLicenser. This will enable use on multiple computers. Just keep in mind that it’s not a reversible process.

As far as the Elements 7 Mac installer goes, you will probably need to contact support (through your MySteinberg account). Or, if you get lucky, a mod might stumble across this thread and help you out.