Usb license help

Hello ive cubase 9 and vienna symphonic library both on the same usb licsener key*
Installed on my laptop…

  • Is it POSSIBLE to install cubase and vsl on another mac
    USING the same usb?

*Are there any way to use a soft license “download files or something” so that no need
to remove the usb and put it to the other?

You didn’t say what version of Cubase 9 you have so I am assuming you have a version which must have the license on the USB eLicenser…

Since the license is on a USB eLicenser you can install your software onto another computer and use it if you move the USB eLicenser to it. So you can use your software on whichever computer has the USB eLicenser plugged into it.

That’s the benefit of having the license on a USB eLicenser.

Software that runs on a Soft eLicense can only be installed and run on one computer, but you can move the license from the Soft to the USB eLicenser to get the added benefit mentioned above.

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