USB License Key - CAREFUL!!

Hi everyone.

I just came across an issue that I just thought I would share.

I upgraded from SX3 to C6 but I thought I was being clever by applying the new license stuff to the old USB key. I kept getting errors regarding the amp sims, etc. when I >>thought<< I was using them. So I decided to stick the NEW USB key in and NO MORE ERRORS. SO I realized that I had to transfer ALL the licenses I had on the old USB key (Legacy Collection, Giga GVI - yeah I know, and even the old SX 3) in case I needed to use it legacy on someone else’ session. The eLicenser program is very cool with the drag and drop method.

After that - all was great! The new USB key is in place and C6 (WIN7, 32 bit) is great. I’m using the TASCAM DM4800 with the firewire card as my interface as well as the AVID Eleven Rack on occasion to do some other types of guitar tracking/ re-amping.

Again, I just thought I’d share!