USB License Network Switcher

Hi, I have my studio setup in my loft based on Cubase 8.5. I also have a laptop capable of running Cubase 8.5 and am looking for a way to legally use by USB dongle on both machines without have to remember to keep taking the dongle.
I obviously only want to run one occurrence of Cubase at a time. I have seen very inexpensive USB switches which would do the job if I was in the same room as they have one USB input for the dongle then 2 out puts and a simple button to switch between them.

So i need something similar which will ideally work over LAN or WIFI so I can locate my laptop down stairs.

I have not looked extensively to see if such a unit exists but thinking of a unit with USB in, 1 or 2 USB out and also a LAN connection. I may need one upstairs and one down?

Any ideas or has someone got an easier set up.

I must emphasise i am not trying to run a second machine at the same time illegally. It purely to allow me go to either machine without having to run up and down two flights of stairs.

thanks in advance.

Good question and a good idea. I hate having to take my dongle to gigs.

Hi there is currently no way to avoid taking your dongle to gigs. My request is to basically share over a local network in the house. I know there is hardware out there that looks like it would do the job. But don’t want to fork out it it does not work. I am quite surprised there has not been more interest in this.

Perhaps for gigoing they should make it possible to plugged your license in and book it out for a certain time and date. You would then download a temporary license file to your laptop which would allow you to use on that same day and time. Your USB dongle would then be unusable until the end of this period.

Just a thought.

That’s the thing though, if it works over local LAN, what prevents you from doing the same thing over a wireless network, or even an external connection.

Pretty sure it’s easy to limit something like this to only working on a local network.

If you want to use it legally, you can´t do that over LAN

I don’t see why not. It would be in such a way that it can only be used on one machine at a time.

Because it´s noz in accordance with the EULA.

Tried multiple solutions to share a eLicenser dongle in my home network (Mac based studio downstairs, windows based upstairs).

I plugged the eLicenser dongle into a usb3 hub connected to the Mac, run VirtualHere Server on the Mac and VirtualHere Client on the PC and I am able to virtually plug the eLicenser into the PC by sharing via VirtualHere, the only solution that currently works.

You might VPN into your home network from a gig to share the dongle, I’m not sure though wether it works this way.

Cool. That sounds an easier and less expensive way than I imagined. I will have a look for VirtualHere Server.

Thanks TabSel.