USB license shows no upgradable license associated with it

I have Elements 11. Bought Artist 11 & a USB-elicenser. Registered the USB (shows no licenses associated with it). Transferred soft licenses to usb. Enter license code, it recognizes it’s my Cubase 11 license, but it always comes down to the dongle…no upgradable licenses available. My USB license is, of course, plugged in and shows up (see pic). I downloaded & installed Artist 11 from download assistant. This is as far as I can get.
Thanks for any suggestions!

The question is what licenses are on your elicenser now. Can you post an image?

I transferred my Elements license and have a few plug-in licenses on it as well.

This symptom is usually related to trying to use an activation code for a product that doesn’t correspond, i.e., the upgrade is for a different product than is on the elicenser.

It really makes no sense. I purchased Artist 11 and the USB straight off Steinbergs site. The email/receipt only gave (1) code. Should there have been a separate code to activate the e-licenser?

What exactly does it say on your receipt that you purchased?

You bought the wrong upgrade - you need to upgrade Cubase Elements 11, to Artist, but you bought the upgrade to go from earlier versions of Elements to the current version of Artist.

The one you need is cheaper, I think. You can ask for a refund from the shop since you didn’t (couldn’t) use the activation code.

I have a similar issue and get nonesense answers like you did - tautologies that are merely insulting.

My answer was precise, and not tautological.

I said what the person bought in error, and then said what they would need to buy. Then I said that they can ask for a refund.

@Evan_Kearney while your problem might be similar, it still would make sense for you to start a new topic so the answers you get apply specifically.