USB License

Before I changed my PC I didn’t need a USB License to access old versions of Cubase.
Everything worked without a USB Licenser (Dongle)
Now my new machine will do Cubase 12 Pro and Wavelab 11 only.
I asked Tech Support who say I need the USB LIcense (Dongle) for older versions.
Well, I didn’t before so, I’ve fished my USB Licenser (Dongle) and will have to use it again. It’s a shame as I’ve got a new pc and seem to have gone backward.
Here’s a snap of the error i get
cubase error

You don’t need the Dongle for Cubase 12. You only need it once to perform the Update.

Hi st10ss
It will work with Cubase 12 but not the older versions of Cubase.
I have installed Cubase 8.5, 5 and 3 SX for older projects.
Everything was fine until I built a new machine

Of course it will be needed for everything that is before Cubase 12. Everything that is older requires the dongle and that will stay.

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From the photograph you can see.
all that is needed is a copy of the USB license in the soft license

You can’t copy from USB to Soft eLicenser, only from Soft eLicenser to USB is working

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OK Thanks.
A bit pointless if I have to have a USB License (Dongle) stuck in the machine.