USB-licenser -> Soft-licenser between versions

I have Dorico 2 Pro (soft-licenser) and just bought the update to 3.1
I am wondering is it possible to install now 3.1 on USB-licenser
and then later when Dorico 4 will be out to install it on Soft-elicenser?

I will have to use (3.1) for some months on a Desktop Mac but soon I will buy a new MacBook pro
and I would not like to be dependent on a dongle forever


No, once a license is on the USB-eLicenser you can’t move it back to the Soft-eLicenser anymore.

If you’re swapping the Desktop Mac for the new MBP, then it is possible to transfer your soft licence to a new machine. But I don’t think they’ll let you do that every week! :laughing:

In your situation, maronid, I would definitely recommend using the ‘Reactivation’ workflow in MySteinberg: this will give you a new activation code for your new computer, provided you have registered your existing computer’s Soft-eLicenser in MySteinberg. If you’ve not yet registered your original computer, do so now.

In this case, may user return the USB-eLicenser (with Dorico license only) to Steinberg headquarters and ask Steinberg to reissue an activation code?

I’m afraid, no.

I cannot understand why there is no possibility to move a license back to a computer. What are the dangers?
Why is it ok to move from computer to usb but not the other way? If the whole process is online-server based?

I’m afraid it’s always been this way, and with the planned retirement of the eLicenser technology in the medium-term, it’s not something that you should expect us to implement now. Once we retire the eLicenser, it will in any case become a moot point.

Daniel, I assume you won’t be defining “medium-term” in the short-term…am I right? (I’m teasing…)

As someone who regularly has errors with the USB licensor (goto error, too many instruments for this version error, read only and occasional complete freezes stating no-license for app) it would be really helpful to know what “medium term” means. I have the older (longer) USB dongle and really don’t want to shell out good money for a new one if it’s going to be redundant soon. Especially as there’s really no guarantee that the problem will be cured by replacing the dongle.

On the other hand if it were possible to license it directly to both my Macbook Pro and my studio Mac Pro then that would be helpful.

Any hints Daniel?


Do you really expect to get a target date? Really? :confused:

Let’s put it this way: the next paid version of Dorico will certainly stll use the current eLicenser technology. If you’re encountering regular problems, I would guess that the £30 or so required to replace the USB-eLicenser with the new stubbier one would be money well-spent, however much I might resent spending it.

Just in case of my miscomprehension, is “the new stubbier one” a possible new model introducing since this year? or still the short tiny plastic one introduced about 4-5 years ago?

It’s the “short tiny plastic one” introduced at some point before I bought my Dorico license, which was late 2016.