usb licenser speed increase upon loading C10

Hi I’m not sure if I’m in the right place to post this but I’m sure it will get moved if not.

I’ve just updated my VERY old pre vst dongle to a newer one. no reason to do so other than future proof for a few more years.
Im now on a new MacBook pro and I recorded the times for cubase 10 to load up.
With the old dongle it was 44 seconds. With the new dongle its now 19 seconds.

upgrading your dongle will not improve the performance of cubase, other than the start up time.
Some may find that useful. Ill be trying it next on my 2010 Mac Pro studio machine.

Just hope this information was useful to someone as I rarely post anything.

Things have come a long way since I started in Pro 24 days.


This is known knowledge, multiple times mentioned here on the forum already. The new USB-eLicenser just provide higher communication.

Actually the performance could increase a bit too. Especially in the areas, where the dongle is called heavily.