USB Licenser suggestion Steinberg Pls Read.

Hi I am in the process of installing Cubase Pro 11 for the first time and already I can see that I am going to very quickly run out of USB ports on my laptop.

My laptop is a brand new high end DAW Workstation purchased specificlly to run Cubase 11.

I have 3 normaal USB ports on my laptop and one of the newer small ones.
1 = mouse dongle
1 = Steinberg UR22C
1 = USB Midi Keyboard

So that leaves no free ports for the USB dongle which is useless.

My suggestion is is in two parts that would help others in my situation.

Suggestion 1.
Have a dongle specific port on the rear of Steinberg USB Audio interfaces.
This could be a usb port that is ONLY for the dongle and unable to function like a normal USB.#
This would free up a standard USB port on a computer for the user.

Suggestion 2.
A Steinberg specific mini USB hub that had at least two USB ports, 1 only for the Dongle and the 2nd for Steinberg Audio Interfaces.
If Steinberg felt like being generious they could have a 3rd or 4th port for USB keyboards and so on.

Yes there are 100’s of different USB hubs out there but who knows what is a trustable brand or what damage using a cheap Chinese one could potentially do to a USB dongle.

I for one would buy such a hub from Steinberg if they made one.

I get that others may disagree and that is up to them, I am not here for a debate and these are my personal suggestions that would help me in my situation.

Cheers everyone.