USB Licenser Swap!


I have a unique problem relating to my licenses!

My friend and ex-studio partner and I both own Cubase licenses (8 Pro). A couple of years back, I upgraded my 8 Pro to 9 Pro through direct purchase. I got the license key via email and I registered the same through eLicense Control on my computer.

Here is the problem now:

At some point, my friend and I seemed to have swapped our physical USB Licensers without realising it. We used to operate out of the same studio (and shared the USB hub) so the mix-up seems to be a result of that.

**Therefore, currently:

  1. His account with Steinberg shows a valid Cubase 9 license
  2. My account with Steinberg shows a valid Cubase 8 license**

While I am not facing any trouble using Cubase 9 currently with (his) licenser, I wish to upgrade to the 10 Pro during the sale Steinberg has on. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake I made the last time.

The problem lies in the fact that he and I both stay in different cities now and it is difficult for us to meet to exchange. Also, since I have already paid for the 8 to 9 upgrade, even if I do swap the licensers physically, I’ll need to upgrade from 8 to 10.

I wanted to know if there is a way we can SWAP our licenses as part of the physical transfer of licenses available when USB dongles are connected to a single computer. That way I can upgrade the 9 to 10 and work it the same way I’m working the 9 Pro right now until I meet him.

Thanks in advance!

You can move licenses between the usb keys, and you can also remove a key from your account as would someone who is selling.

The latter would make the most sense, I imagine- both of you removing the wrong keys from you accounts, and then registering the right keys.

In the latter option, which is removing and reinstalling the other key into the account, will the dongle number change along with or will it remain the same? If not, will be a clash to have the same license on one dongle number in license control and another dongle in my account? please advice.

It’s simpler.

Each USB Key has it’s own serial number. It’s the key you register or de-register to/from your account., Not the licenses.

Have a look at the Steinberg Resale Wizard, it applies to this even though no money is changing hands, and have a look in your Steinberg account. That will explain more clearly than forum posts.

Dear Steve,

Thank you for such a crip, clear and prompt reply! This really helps.

Thanks again :slight_smile: