USB licenser: Unable to safe SLD files in POS folder


just wanted to upgrade my recently bought Cubase 6 to 6.5
when I start the elicenser software it shows all my licenses.
However, when I then press the maintenance button the Cubase 6 license vanishes and I recieve the following error message:
Unable to safe SLD files in POS folder, please adjust filesystem permissions correctly

I then cannot start Cubase anymore and have to close and re-open the licenser again to be able to do so…

what does SLD and POS mean?

Can anyone explain what this means?

I have the same problem
how to solve it?
We urgently need your help!

Can anyone help??
for this reason, I can not work …


please see this article:


thank you, will try this method in the afternoon
For now, I went back to version 6.0.5 to be able to work
I greet