USB-Lincense Problem for Cubase Artist 10 Upgrade from Cubase LE / AI (4 or higher), Essential or Sequel

Hi everybody. I am a new membership of steinberg forum.

I have spent couple of times in this forum but I could not fix my problem. I hope somebody can help me because I am really stuck in a difficult situation. First of all thank you very much in advance.

My problem is about Cubase Artist 10 update from Cubase LE/AI 4 or higher version. I bought a new product in order to update my Cubase LE 9 to Cubase artist 10. Steinberg shipped to me a new usb-licenser. However, when I use this usb-licenser to update previous version, elicenser can’t identify the license. I mean no related Cubase program can be found. I really searched the solution of this problem in steinberg official website, steinberg forum and internet as well. Yet, I found two main topics that releated with my problem but I couldn’t see any solution for my situation. I tried to send an e-mail to steinberg but I could not find a related e-mail adress. Maybe this topic would be very classic, but I write to here as a last resort. I really need a help about this situtation. Otherwise, I really do not know what should I do… I shared some screan captures for presenting the details of problems. The additional informaition about my licenses are below;

These are my new products.

  • Cubase Artist 10 Upgrade from Cubase LE / AI (4 or higher), Essential or Sequel / Download Version
  • USB-eLicenser / Required to activate, try and use products like Cubase Pro/Artist, Nuendo and WaveLab Pro / Package version
    This is my previous product.
  • Cubase LE 9 Soft-eLicenser 5389852143 12******** [mod edit]

Here the link for my problem in details (screen captures).
[deleted link]

Thank you very much again. Hope I can fix this problem under favour of your helps.

Hello, welcome and thanks for upgrading.
You need to first move the LE license to the USB-eLicenser, then use the AC you have been given when purchasing.
About moving the license:

I have deleted the link, please do not post screen-shots containing serials on a public forum, this has been exploited in the past.

Kind regards,

Dear Fabio Bartolini,

Thank you very much for quick support. I now registed my product. Hope this post can help the other folks who have a similar problem. The solution was really simple. Thank you very much again.

Best Regards,