Usb lock for another computer?

I am using cubase 10.5 on a pc with a usb lock.
When I need to use another pc I put the usb lock to the other pc.
If I need to run cubase at the same time on two pc’s, do I simply need to buy another usb lock?

Yes, two instances running, need two licenses

Is that two full licenses or the usb lock is offered at a lower price if you already have paid for one full license?

From Terms & Conditions | Steinberg

Section 2. Grant of License - subsection 3: (emphasis added)

If the software is protected by a hardware-based license management device (hereinafter the USB-eLicenser) alone, you may install a license for the software on one or at most 3 computers which are in your possession. The software may be used only on one of the computers at the same time by using the license management device.

thank you …

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Unfortunately they don’t offer a reduced price second license. So you have to buy two dongles, and two full licenses. Not only that, but you have to pay to keep each updated separately at full price too. I considered getting two licenses, but it’s the continually update costs that annoy me.

The strange thing is that if you own Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, Studio One etc. there is the option of a reduced price license - yet nothing for existing owners. Make sense of that?!!

This past year, i’ve started thinking that it could eventually lead me to walk away from Cubase. This past year with lockdowns and working from home has become a right pain with the dongle, in all honesty.

I’m having to carry a dongle everywhere i go - even if i pop out to the shops i take it with me, reason is - i was locked out of a building without warning when a positive case was verified last summer. I didn’t do zero downtime as i was told each evening that i could go in and grab it the next day… Then in the morning, i was told to wait another next day… Then another day… And before i knew it the week had gone. Was frustrating as hell.

I’d love to buy a second license/dongle that echos your primary

I could envision the elcc software could ask that you put both dongles in the machine every month or so, and it confirms the parent license with the child (Secondary) - to prove that you’ve not sold/giving away the child license.

Thing is, When you look at something like Studio One which you can put on 5 machines and just move between them at will - this feels truly archaic now.

But, the e-licenser has done well securing their IP’s so i totally understand why this exists and how stringent it is - but from a users perspective it’s become hard to deal with recently.

One solution is bandlab’s Sonar.
I used it for some months but decided to stay with cubase.
I really do not know if I am going to grant this decision for long.
Another solution is to get a light version just to work some smaller projects.
But I am sure prices will eventually go down now that there are more competitors.
They have dropped significantly the last two years, but existing and faithful users should be allowed stonger discounts.

Project size doesn’t matter though, that’s the trouble with the light versions - you lose basic DAW functions like comping - so even if you wanted to make a slight edit to vocals to an existing project it’s not possible. So even small 2 track acoustic guitar and vocal tracks are un-editable if you want comp takes - to me that’s just a basic DAW requirement.

Not to mention the inability to use 15+ year old MIDI inserts like Arpache SX, so if you had a basic arp on a project - can’t even use that if you jump between Pro and Artist. Can’t even filter a MIDI Channel per track without MIDI inserts, which is a basic MIDI sequencer feature from the 90s.

It’s just insane what gets locked away when you try to use a light version as a secondary install for Pro. the MIDI inserts are so old hat now, yet they’re treated as crown jewels locked behind a USB Dongle! :slight_smile:

If it weren’t for such basic operations locked behind the dongle i would be using the lighter versions as companion.

Yes I know.
Light version is stripped of a lot of things.
Let’s hope that someone will take all our objections into consideration

If I be the owner and I see users willing to pay a second license as I see here, I will never change anything