usb microphone connection issues

I’m running Cubase pro 8.5 on a macbook pro. I have a Samson Meteorite mic - usb connection.
If I go in to devices, vst audio system, asio driver, the Samson Meteorite mic shows up in the pull down menu. So I connect it and I can input sound thru this mic. of course, by doing this I can’t hear any other music in my song or even hear my input on the mic. So, I have to switch back to built in audio driver to get output back again. this makes using the mic pointless. when built in audio driver is connected, I can’t find any menu to chose the samson mic for input, over the built in mic for the built in audio driver.

I tried creating an input bus for this device. However, when I do that, the pull down menu in create bus does not give me the option of assigning the samson meteorite mic for input

any help greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

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