USB Midi Controller all of sudden not working in Cubase

Hey guys, I’ve been using Cubase for a very long time now and I’ve never had any big issue I couldn’t find the solution in a forum somewhere, therefore I’ve never had to post anything…

As I keep on moving around countries and have no actual home, I keep my rig as small as possible, at the moment, I’ve been using my Scarlett 2i2 for a good time and my M-Audio Mini 32, no big issues till last night when all of sudden, Cubase stopped showing me response from MIDI in activity…

It recognizes the Mini 32 but I get absolutely no response, everything else is working fine, all the vsts are working if I use like virtual keyboard or the mouse, they are all set with my mini 32 on their input routing, preferences are set correctly as far as I’m concerned and been using the very same settings for years…

the controller itself still working perfectly in all other softwares or standalones I open
I really can’t figure out at all what to do and I’m going totally mad
Was hoping someone could help me out with this, I’d appreciate very much!!!


If anyone ever get this issue, I fixed it by going to Devices -> Device Setup and clicking on the button “Send Reset Messages To All Devices”
I didn’t do that simple thing before because I though I had everything in order and thought was a bigger issue… Anyways, here’s a pic of where to solve it
Device Setup.png