USB Midi Interface

I have many Cubase projects that have midi tracks that send messages to connected gear. This is accomplished by routing the messages through a USB-Midi interface. When I change the USB-Midi interface hardware that is connected to my computer, and launch a project, a dialog window appears and I must acknowledge the new port name. In a live performance, this additional dialog window causes problems. Is there a way to specify the Midi Port setup so midi tracks dynamically assign and use a different USB-Midi interface for outbound messages without having to manually update each project to specifically recognize that device?



I’m sorry, this is not possible.

I’m just thinking of any 3rd party virtual cable software could help here. Maybe you could use virtual software MIDI Out, which wouldn’t change and you could make the routing within this software.


Thank you. I downloaded and configured loopMIDI with a single port name that matched my old hardware (US-122 MIDI Port). I then used MIDI-OX to map the loopMIDI virtual port to my new USB Interface port. I launched a Cubase project and it worked.