USB/MIDI keyboard (Komplete S2)

Hi guys, I have both Dorico (3.5.11) which I am very new to & Cubase (11.0.10) installed on my PC (Windows 10) and although they can both run simultaneously … are they only meant to be run independent of each other. My reason for asking and this is my question, with both DAW’s running together my USB/MIDI keyboard still controls Dorico in the background when I’m in Cubase. I know I can switch the MIDI input device off in the Dorico preferences but is there a more elegant way to do this, for example … either Cubase or Dorico has priority according to which main window is on top/active. In Cubase you can (again as a kind of example) go to Studio pull down menu / Studio Setup / Audio System … and check a box to release the Audio Driver when (Cubase) the application is in the Background. Can something similar be done with the MIDI input / control devices when switching between programs.


Ray Marrs

I’m afraid Dorico doesn’t have an option to only accept MIDI input when it’s in the foreground, so for the time being you will indeed need to switch off the MIDI thru option in Dorico’s preferences.

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