USB Midi Keyboard No Signal

Dear All:

I am using Artist 7 and plugged my USB Midi Keyboard into my computer. I am using UR22 Interface. I turned everything on, then launched Cubase. When I go into Device Manager, I cannot find my keyboard listed. When I go into VST Connections, I selected the interface which was the only thing listed. In Device Setup in the Midi Port Setup area I can see the USB Midi and UR22 showing as active both in input but in output, only the USB Midi and Microsoft Waveable Synth is showing active. The UR22 is showing inactive. In Quick Controls, I have UR22 selected for input and USB Midi selected for output. In VST Audio Systems tab, I selected Yamaha UR22, because when I select Asio Driver the Control Panel reads that UR22 is inactive. Could this be the reason I cannot hear any music coming from the speakers?

It has worked in the past with this controller, and I thought I did all the same things I did when it worked previously.

Please advise. Many sincere thanks.


If UR22 outputs are showing inactive it probably means you just managed to lose the output routing
Go to VST connections output tab and make sure you have a stereo out that is set to the UR22 outputs.
(Note that Studio tab should be disabled if you use output tab, alternatively create in studio tab and un-assign the stereo out in output tab (but leave it there unassigned))