USB stick...

Hello I recently bought Cubase 8.5 along with some other steinberg software’s, they’re all registered, activated and working perfectly but, the thing is that the dongle I am using (which came with my Cubase) ,I want to copy everything from this dongle onto another USB stick plug this into my PC to use and keep my current dongle safe as a backup, if this is possible then please explain to me step by step how I can do this ?

This is not possible it’s one license per user. You take your dongle with you to Australia, you can still use it.


Your “backup” is to register everything with Steinberg and keep an empty dongle handy (or be prepared for downtime until you can buy one)
If you do lose or break your dongle you can use ZDT to download temporary licenses to it then you ask Steinberg very nicely if they will give you a replacement permanent license.

It is called a copy protection system after all :stuck_out_tongue: