USB talkback mic...

Before I purchase a USB mic for talk back I wonder if anyone could help with their knowledge? Will this work?

I have an Apollo X4 and don’t want to use a mic input on that for talkback (the talkback mic included on the x4 is okay but I want a talkback for sessions I do in my home studio as well as VST Performer sessions). I can’t use the Apollo talkback for vst performer, so thinking a USB added mic will do the trick. Am I crazy? Or will I be able to select the USB mic as talkback instead of the Apollo mic in 3/4?


A usb mic acts as a mic plus audio interface so you wont be able to use it at the same time as the apollo.

If you’re on mac you might be able to create an aggregate device.

It is a lot better idea to connect a adat converter with mic preamps.
And then you have 7 extra mic input if needed…

yeah, can’t use 2 ASIO drivers at once. so everything must connect to your preferred ASIO device

Steinberg really needs to get multiple Audio Interfaces working this is obviously a needed feature!

this is already working
you just have to know how to set-up this

but it is not that stable as it needs to
and therefore it’s not a recommended scenario
and it is not usable for low latency operation and of course not official supported