USB to 422 (mac)

HI Nuendoers,

I’ll be setting up a new Nuendo DAW soon.
Can anyone suggest a USB to 9 pin converter for Mac?


I can only speak for PC, but I know for sure that the DIGITUS does not work, and that the Sweex works perfectly.
Also know that there are no USB to 422 adaptors. (as far as I know) They are all USB to serial (RS232) converters. So, very probably you’ll need an extra RS232 to RS422 adaptor.


OK, point taken’.



Thanks Jörg.

Is there a version that converts to 9 pin?


I have the Keyspan USA -28 but didn’t used it for years. These days are very tapeless. It provides 2 Serial ports. Those ports can be configured in the Synchronisation settings. Then u simply connect one of the the Serial Ports of the Keyspan with a serial to 9 Pin Cable. In that Screenshot u can see the 2 Ports called “USA283d2P1.1”

Hope that Helps :smiley:
Bildschirmfoto 2011-01-14 um 11.23.45.png

There is one made by Colin Broad, and it works fine on Macs.