USB3 express cards on a Macbook Pro ??

Hello all,

I’ve been having occasional issues with my FW400 drive… occasional glitch’s etc which I thought were sync related…
However after re thinking it all, I suspect my real time drive may be the culprit.

So rather than just replace it, I wondered if anyone else on here is using USB3 drives ??

I have 2 x older style 17" Macbook Pro’s for my Nuendo projects connected via an RME FF800…
They both have the express slot & I was wondering about this card…

Sonnet Allegro USB 3.0 2 Port ExpressCard/34 to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Host Adapter from

& team it with a USB powered drive of some description.

Anyone doing this ??
Opinions, experiences please ??

thanks in advance,

Well I ordered a Sonnett USB2 express card /34 & an all in 1 HDD docking caddy that holds 2 x SATA 2.5" or 3.5" drives…
Total cost for the 2 about $150 AUS.


WOW… What a difference!!!
This system absolutely rips now.

I pulled up a job I’d just completed with about 16 tracks a few plug ins & a video file.
It worked before but the video playback was pretty ordinary & a real pain to match audio to picture.
Not any more.

Very happy !!!