usbport.sys high in Latency Mon

Hi folks,

Bought An Anker usb 3 adaptor a few weeks back. It’s great not breaking my back.

Anyhoos, Now im only using the two 3.0 USB ports on my Carillon pc (out of a total of 8-10 slots) so would it worth using the USB Selective Suspend option in Power Management ?

Reason im wondering is because im trying to sort my latency issues out and Latency Mon is reporting a really high ISR Count for a ‘USBPORT.SYS’. It says it’s a USB 1.1 & 2.0 Port Driver which the Anker is definitely not using.

I have got my keyboard and mouse usb dongles in my HP monitor so could that be it? Otherwsie i read it could possibly be my Seagate PSU’s software assigned to a usb slot. The Psu actually buzzes every now and then so possible a fan related thing.

Any ideas or recommendations on the USB Suspend thing?


FWIW This Anker Hub is excellentvalue for money

Are you running Cubase and Latency Mon at the same time? Do you have a USB audio device?

Try unplugging devices until the count comes down.

Also try disabling devices one by one in Device Manager. Try not to disable your mouse!

You might want to try giving your USB devices each their own port, preferably matching their designed speed. If you plug everything into a hub, then they’ll need to fight over the bandwidth. It’s also been my experience that USB 2.0 devices are happier in USB 2.0 ports!

Thanks Tanant. I started disabling the standard usb ports (EITHER 1 OR 2.0) in Device Manager and it does indeed resolve the usbport.sys issue in Latency Mon. There are at least two culprits.

So im not using those ports anymore since owning the Anker Hub but rather than keeping them disabled is there a way to ‘clean them up’ as if nothing had even been plugged into them ?

Usually you can really disable usb ports in the bios. But disabling them in device manager is fine.
If you type this in the comand prompt:
Set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1


The select show hidden devices in the device manager menu, you can now see and remove all devices ever connected to the system. All not connected devices are grey instead of black.

Thanks Vinark. Big Help. I had about 30/40 random usb mass device/usb root hub entries. Hopefully its ok to delete them all as i just have :confused:

Yes it is and even if you delete one you will connect again later it will just reinstall.