Use a bracket instead of brace for "Choir (reduction)" instrument?

I’m writing hymns, so my score setup is simple: just a single instrument, “Choir (reduction)”. The default format for this instrument shows two staves (treble clef, bass clef) joined by a brace (just like a Piano instrument). But I don’t want a brace, I want a bracket (either a solid line, or a solid line with wings). Is there a way to do that?


You can use a Soprano staff and a Bass staff instead. They will be bracketed automatically.

Exactly what I needed, thanks.

I have the same problem. I would like to have a bracket instead of “piano” brace. I can use soprano and bass, but how can I name it as a “choir” instead of “soprano and bass”? Did I miss something?

How about Create TC Voice
Change name to Choir
Edit > Staff > Add Staff Below
Change new staff to Bass Clef

I created soprano voice (sorry do not know what you mean under TC), renamed it, but I was still not able to achieve what I need. When I choose Add Staff Below - nothing happens. When I create “divisi”, I get a bracket I need, but I get also a sub-bracked I do not need.

I am trying to understand an idea behind it. Choir reduction can be done simply choosing a piano and renaming it. What for is this extra option under Players? And why there is such a confusion creating a common choir layout, which contains 2 lines: one for S and A and a second one for T and B with a one single “choir” bracket?

TC = Treble Clef
Something needs to be selected on the staff before the Add Staff function will work.

The reason the ‘Choir (reduction)’ instrument exists is so that you can obtain a grand staff instrument (which follows the Vertical Spacing options for braced staves) where the two staves are not joined by barlines – using a piano is no good for this very reason, because the lyrics will then collide with the barlines between the two staves.

Thank you Daniel for your explanation. I understand now why Choir reduction instrument is needed. But I do not understand why a simple choir instrument with two staves and typical choir bracket is still not available. Are you going to add such option in a future?
Craig, I selected few notes in a soprano part, wich I added to create a choir, but when I click Add Staff, just nothing happens.

mipi, when I click onto your contributed screenshot 2018-07-20 08.55.23.gif nothing happens either :wink:

:blush: Hm…It is an animated gif. And it still works on my computer online:

I will describe it step by step:

  1. under players I choose a group player called “soprano” and create a soprano stave
  2. I write down few notes there
  3. I select a whole bar. so the notes there are highlighted
  4. right click - staff - add staff below
  5. nothing happens…


never mind, but somehow your animated gif is not been displayed:

screenshot does not display.png

mipi, I just tried, it does work for me…

the only difference: I choose a Solo Player „Soprano“ first, with Section Player it does not work.

Thank you very much for your quick response. Choosing solo player instead of a group (I “thought” choir is a group of people😊) makes a difference. Any way such choir part will be never written with an additional sub-bracked, which I get using this option. I hope Dorico team will make this procedure one day little bit more user friendly.

In Engraving options you can choose to show or hide secondary brackets.
Engraving options --> Brackets and Braces --> Instruments of the same kind within a bracketed group --> No secondary brackets

Thank you very much:) I will check it out. As I had to finish my project today, I had to leave a brace of piano reduction like it was set by default. Anyway it is a very usefull information for a future:)