Use alternative MixConsole as left side "Channel Inspector"

Yes, that’s included in the report. What I like to do is having a second MixConsole with just a single strip of the selected track open on the far left side next to the project window. Just for EQ, Direct Routing, Inserts, Sends and Fader.


Thought I’d share since I do the same thing, just configured very differently.
Curious, how do you get both windows title bars and not just the one in focus to be “dark”? I see you are on MAC OS, can I achieve this on Windows 10?

Since it came up here, I just want to state…
I came about this “workaround” when becoming extremely frustrated with the lack of space, pinning inconsistencies, and overall behavior of the Inspector. While this workaround achieves my goal (to a certain extent), I personally would love to see an optional dual (or even triple) column Inspector! This has been talked about in other posts. Some have even proposed more control options in the track header which I also think would be beneficial.


Wow, it’s great!

Off topic - is that an unreleased future version of Cubase or is that what Cubase 11 looks like (im on 10.5) or is the Mac GUI slightly different than the Windows 10 GUI? Seems very rounded in bloaty kind of way, prefer the sharper look of MixConsole in 10.5. but maybe I’ll get used to it

Hi Matthias, the issue with the ‘double inspector’ setup is that you can only have one inspector in focus at a time. This means that you need to press an extra click everytime you move from one to the other. This slows workflows down as all of those clicks add up to hundreds within a session.

I think the screenshot just shows a mockup of what could possibly be named a VeryLeftZone.

Update: I was wrong.

No… he’s just opened a SECOND mix console with it resized to show only 1 strip.

@John_R_Cardona @Pablin_Drummer @luke7020 @LoveGames @QDriver @DimEyePianoGuy

I moved the conversation into a new thread. I hope you don’t mind. Sorry for causing confusion with the screenshot.

Yes, it’s an actual screenshot. Also it was just quickly created on my office MacBook and not as thoughtfully adjusted as the one from @John_R_Cardona. The basic idea is to get everything audio channel related out of the regular inspector and use a one-channel MixConsole for all the channel related task like inserts, sends and the fader.

@luke7020 Can you come up with an example? Usually the focus and the additional click are not needed when you operate with the mouse between the two zones.

@LoveGames It’s 11.0.20 on Mac.

By why fiddling with alignment of top level windows? Could this one-channel MixConsole not just be displayed using a “Very Left Zone”?

Hi Matthias,

not sure what you mean by an example, as it’s the way cubase fundamentally works. In order to use any zone in cubase you have to bring it into focus by clicking on it. Your example here is no different. Eg if I am using the first inspector and then need to adjust a parameter on the second inspector ie the slimmed down mix console, i first need to click on it to bring it into focus, and then I can start using it. Then I need to do this again if I go back, and continuously do this as I move between them.

Cubase does not have a contextually aware mouse control. It would save so much workflow time if had this as an option.

So yes currently for me it’s too cumbersome to use two inspectors in this way.

I only have access to a Mac right now- I don’t have to click the MixConsole first in order to move the fader or insert an effect or send. Is it different on Windows?

It’s interesting to know if this would be the best solution. Only in this forum there are a lot of threads with ideas ranging from “The Inspector in the Lower Zone” to “Customise Every Zone with every possible dialogue”. Having the most used track and channel parameters at hand is crucial. But there are many different ideas about what the most crucial parameters are.

I hope overall improved and bug free inspector is one of the focus for the 11.5 update.

Didn’t this all come from someone simply wanting to have the MIDI fader (or other ‘headings’) in the Instrument Track Inspector pinnable ‘open’.? Apart from the workarounds being offered here, hope SB would concentrate on fixing that really…

I just use workspaces for all of my(3) inspector views, works well.

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Hi Matthias!
What you think of this functionallity in Inspector?

if it possible, then can add features from MixConsole to Inspector, because afterthat we will have more space to work with.

Also, MixConsole have great feature - Popup Equalizer Curve.
which can be implimented in Inspector to save more space
for example, quick sketch



This would be awesome.

But in other side, we loose controlling parameters more precise.
For example, when we hover mouse on it

Well, yes. As you’ve stated there’s a multitude of best solutions. :wink:

For me, you’re proposal shows the general layout I’d prefer.

When arranging, the (current) inspector properties are my major editing targets outside the project zone. Nevertheless, I head for the different mixer sections very early too (sound sculpting with the inserts, adjusting send levels, routing to group channels etc.).

The concept of the lower zone with its mixer tab already has been a great improvement for my workflow. But more than I originally thought I rather quite often do wish to have the whole channel strip “right there to the left” instead of repeatedly needing to “tab” through its sections with the page selector of the MixConsole in the lower zone.

Implementationwise I still think such a strip should be realized by another zone or a inspector sub-zone. Using top level window objects has been proven the poor way several times in the past (on Windows, at least).

But yes, that’s just MY best solution. :wink:

Hi Matthias, you mention a ‘report’ for this, is that on another thread? How do you get the channel to follow whatever channel you are on in the project window?