Use an Arturia Beatstep as a midi controller?

Hi all,

Is there anyone here who knows if you can setup an Arturia Beatstep (not the pro!) as a daw controller?
I would like to use the BS as a controller to write automation.
For instance i would like to use the big and the small turning knobs as a way to control panning and volume changes and maybe the pads to switch between tracks or to FF or RW in beats and steps.
Is anyone of you able to give me some advice on how to do this?
Already checked Youtube.

I am running Cubase elements 9 on a windows 10 pc

Many thanks


Hi I’m struggling with this also. I can use it in certain plugins (namely the Arturia ones) I can set it to learn a parameter, it works, fine.

However I’m trying to map a knob to a plugin on an audio channel insert and I just doesn’t respond?

What am i doing wrong here?

IS this a Pro only restriction that i can’t map midi to audio plugin inserts with artist edition? Please tell me this isn’t the case?

Surely i should be able to easily map a midi controller knob on a Beatstep (not pro) to any modulation lane in Cubase 10?

? Anyone