use and abuse of hearing

today i had my first hearing test for 15 years , kept getting pains in my ears and i was right in thinking ,been told i have 40-60db loss of hearing at 4khz and above , GUTTED :cry: :astonished:

Thats what you get for years of abuse and laughing by the bassbin .
Now is there any point of carrying on with the production side as i can’t hear the high range of frequencies ?
Big dilemma ,a big change in life style?

Cubase has been a part of my life for 20 years and can’t imagine being without it. keyboards ,drum machines,samplers,modules ,you name it electronically and i love it ,midi is my game ,midi is my nature . music is away of life to me and to hear this news today is truly gutting ,is there any point or shut shop ,turn the studio in to a funeral pyre and buy a pipe and slippers ?
like fuck i’ll just have to learn how to play the double bass and produce more bass tracks ! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :wink:

its my worst nightmare !!! beware young ones be careful of those mp3 players ,look after your ears !

Hey ff - I read that George Martin did a lot of mixing/producing in a similar situation, his years of experience, along with the equivalent of our digital frequency analyzers, helped him. Your years of experience can compensate nicely!!

yer cheers dude , a lot of stuff i do i put through oscilloscopes and check for adverse frequencies anyway but its just the news i was expecting.
ever seen a film called “its all gone pete tong” ? true story but light hearted !

its more about being concerned for the younger generations with their ipods and in ear headphones and letting them know that you think your invincible when your young but it certainly catches up with you ,and knowing you will never hear a song your making in its true intent EVER is a very annoying thing !

This may not be of great comfort, but remember ol’ Beethoven worked completely deaf towards the end. I too have damaged my ears, but I keep up a network of friends who have better ears, and when I am in doubt, I seek their critique… hey, there’s lots of that around here too. NO way am I giving this up for a long time to come.

Just keep on going, no need to toss in the towel . :sunglasses:

And I’ve kept on preaching to the kids about ear-buds… we’re gonna have a $hitload of deafies in 20 years.

p.s. protect what’s left - I use ear protection when using the lawn mower, power tools, vacuum cleaner, etc.

im no beethoven but blind,deaf and dumb ,all i need now is my fingers to pack up and i’ll have to type with my forehead but by hook or crook i’ll carry on blowing my head off with analogy sounds weather its hearing or vibration (don’t think the neighbours will like it but least i won’t hear them knocking to complain ) ,you right robin ,good advice the old ear plugs are going to be in full use now !

steve there is a commode over there >>>>>> if its to far to the toilet for ya :laughing: :laughing:

i aint giving nothing up so roll over beethoven cause "here’s jonny " :wink: :wink:

Don’t forget, uh, your “functionality” “down there” and all. As long as you still have that, life is good :laughing:

40-60db loss? That’s pretty extreme.

I’d get a second opinion

its medium loss apparently and yep a second opinion and test is being done as the test was done in a non sound proof environment ,but i will hope for the best but its a long wait so i might chew my arms off in the waiting proccess ! :astonished: :astonished:


Had my first hearing test in 30 years a couple of weeks ago. My background is Army and having all those weapons firing, heavy construction with all of the equipment and small engine noise and music. Turns out my hearing is perfect. :open_mouth:

Aloha f,
and sorry about your condition.

For those interested, here is a related forum thread:

{’-’} :frowning: :slight_smile: :wink:

Double Bass is cool.

He can play just by using the Force .

Aside from the obviously dangerously loud sounds of industry all day generally, generally ah say, if you’re going to go deaf it’s written in your genes. You’ll have some hearing loss but don’t beat yourself up for being a musician, instead, look at your non-musician friends and you’ll find that in varying degrees and for many different reasons a large proportion of your contemporaries will have the same sort of hearing losses.
Though I accept that the ipod brigade may well be damaged by close proximity loudness I don’t believe anyone playing reasonably loud live music for less than three hours solid should unduly cripple their ears before time by using bog-standard earplugs. If your ears tell you they’ve had enough then they should be listened to and you should take the rest of the day off especially if the boss is shouting at you.
Though to balance my view those expensive moulded bespoke ear defenders do have really good reports from friends who have purchased them. Apparently they do not cripple the hearing and stage monitoring is not compromised apparently.

I remember MSM stories in the 80s where young one’s were told to be careful with those Walkmans.

I went to some incredibly ear splitting gigs in the 70s. :slight_smile:

There’s 15 times the amount of THC in MP3 players as there were in Walkmans. Super strength . Just say no!

Good to read that because I get my hearing checked twice a year now (cancer related) but
the gear used (Bell and Howell stuff ) seems cheap and looks older than me.

The headphones used looks like something from my high school.
And they will not let me bring in my own.

bon chance mon ami.

Aloha John If I may ask. What is taking soooo long?

When I get mine done I get the results printed out right there and then.

That way I can come home and make corresponding adjustments to my rig.

uuumm aloha curteye
its the way things are over here , the first test was done and yes the results were there in front of my eyes but i asked for a second opinion which has to be booked ,so i have to wait for the date of the test to come through which could take some weeks ,but till then everything is kept ultra low till i get the proper results …

The top end of my hearing has definitely declined over the last 5 years, so has my eyesight.

I haven’t tested it recently but I doubt I can hear over 12k now. Who cares though. Music still sounds good. There’s nothing above 12k that makes the slightest bit of difference to enjoying music

Tinnitus in the left ear. The one I used to stand next to the bass speaker with … :frowning:

At my age I’m in the later stages of being able to not think. :slight_smile::):slight_smile:

But it’s not as bad as one might think.:slight_smile::):slight_smile:

I don’t know… I don’t know exactly where my hearing is at but I’ve definitely noticed a difference and it’s NOT pleasing