Use "any" drum library??

I’ve been watching Andy’s cool tutorial on how to use Groove Agent within Cubase. I love the practicality of it! But I have questions about what sample libraries that it can use. I have a few libraries from BFD. And I have been thinking about buying Martin France-- which looks awesome from quieter playing, but have been told that Martin France won’t work as it is only licensed within Kontakt.
So which of “all” the drum libraries can I use in Groove Agent?
And can i import midi drum patters that I have bought from Groove Monkee, etc?

thanks. Any help would be appreciated. Please don’t worry about “talking down” to me. I am not all that experienced with computer DAWs etc and am just barely hanging on!


Groove Agent 4 can import MIDI files and loops. No problem.
It’s should be able to use all the standard unencrypted sample formats such as wav, aif, mp3, flac, etc. So ‘raw sample sets’ won’t be a problem. Note, this won’t bring in all the presets and stuff for a foreign sampler, but if the samples themselves are in a standard format you can use them to build your own GA kits.

If you’re looking at anything that’s bundled with its own sample format for a custom plugin, or uses any sort of encrypted packages…it’s not likely to work in Groove Agent without re-rendering it playing from the native plugin, and building your own GA kits/presets. Cubase makes it pretty easy to ‘instant render’ things if you ever find a need to pull a sample or two from anywhere in your DAW project to drop into Groove Agent for further editing/triggering.

If you happen to also have Halion 5, you may be able to expand the library of ‘raw samples’ that you can manage to extract from a sampler ISO-CD image (I.E. Roland and Akai disks) and convert into something usable in GA. Again, this isn’t going to include kit/preset information for Groove Agent…just the raw samples.

GA does come with a pretty good stash of samples and loops out of the box for the money. The best way to see if it’s a good fit is to get your hands on a Demo and try it out (assuming you already have a Steinberg dongle). You can find the trial download here: