Use Asio Full Duplex or just M-audio Delta ASIO?

In Device Setup -> VST Audio System -> ASIO Driver - I don’t know wether to choose M-Audio Delta ASIO or ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver? I’ve tryied to google my way to an answer also looking in the old forum for answers. What is the difference and does it matter, what I choose?

Yesterday Cubase 5 lost my soundcard settings. I had problems opening a project with Reason rewired even though I launced Reason first, and Reason rewire was activated when I made the project and saved it so. When opening the project Cubase claimed that the Reason channels were unmapped, suggested that I closed Reason and relaunch it. But still Cubase just wouldn’t let me activate rewire. Strange - I’ve never had that problem before. I solved it by rewirering Record instead.

Anyway in trying to solve the problem in the Device Setup I inactivated the ports of my soundcard (MAudio Deltaphile 2492) and couldn’t for the life of me activate them again. I haven’t touched this section in Cubase for a long time, it has just been working fine. Previously in my audiochannels I could choose the M-Audio Delta as my input and output. Now it just says Stereo In and Stereo Out. What the heck happened?

RTFCubase manuals instead they tell you what to use…

if you choose the m audio asio driver then it should give you all your i/o’s back ,the full duplex may only contain stereo i/o it depends on your onbroad sound card , m audio asio driver is the way to go otherwise you will have major latency issues !


English is not my native language but I suppose RTF means “Read The Fucking”…

What a friendly reply :confused:

Thank you very much John for your help.

It DOES sound like it would be a good idea to spend some time with your manuals though dude… possibly a struggle if they are not in your native language though…
This is VERY basic stuff though so i think it would be useful for you to at least try to persevere with the manual for at least a few weeks if you have not already… people new to DAWs are VERY often shocked at their complexity, but they HAVE to be that way by their very nature… i think also too, that some people dive straight into cubase with no experience whatsoever of DAWs and music production in general and get rather upset, when really they should be looking at a more ‘entry level’ approach such as ejay/garage band etc just to get a more basic idea of what is involved rather than being over ambitious… i’m not saying this is the situation in your own case but this kind of thing does crop up quite frequently on the boards.