Use Cases of Connecting to MIDI IN of Controller ( keyboard/Foot)

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering what are the use cases connecting a Keyboard MIDI out to a MIDI controller (keyboard and foot)?

Attached is one example.

I do appreciate your inputs.

By the way, what is the error when I try to attach a file:

Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached.


It depends on what you want to achieve? If you want to directly connect the controller to a keyboard you have to connect the midi out of the controller to the midi in of the keyboard. Because the controller needs to control the keyboard? It’s actually quite logical…something that transmits (out) wants it to be received by another device (in). Where it gets a bit more complicated is on what channel (1-16 or omni (all channels)) it transmits and receives? But also this is logical. You just have to know how to configure your devices how they transmit and receive?