Use Color for Similar Tracks unwanted behaviour or bug

Thought 6.50 would fix this but I just installed and not to be:

I personally find it best to give track types their own colour (my personal patter at the moment is Folders Yellow, Audio tracks Cyan, Midi Pink, Groups Green, FX Purple etc)

Start a project with lots of track types already created (multiple audio, folders, groups, midi etc) and on each track type right click and Select “Use Color for Similar Tracks” to assign each type different colours. Done, everything looks tidy.
Now Create a new Audio track … the colour doesnt stick on the new track. Incredibly annoying to keep having to right click and Use Color every time I create new project tracks (when mixing imagine creating FX tracks, groups and having to recolor each time)

A further unwanted behavior is that when folders full of audio tracks are closed and you apply Use Color for Similar tracks to other audio tracks in folders that are open, - when you open the folders that were closed the colour doesnt get applied either

So this is not a problem for anyone else?!