Use Color for Similar TRX Undesired Behaviour

Use Color for Similar tracks feature has a quirk that may be Undesired Behaviour leaning towards a Bug

This is true for all track types but heres the scenario example
Create a Folder Track
Color the track Yellow for example
right Click and Select “Use Color for Similar Tracks”

Now create another Folder Track. The new track is colored differently even though I’ve instructed Cubase to color similar tracks with Yellow

I think it works the other way around (as expected).

  • Create 4 midi tracks
  • Create 1 audio track
  • Select a midi track
  • Select “Use color for similar track”

There is the magic.

My expectation is that it will preserve this choice from this point forward. If it can it makes for very tidy looking projects. As it stands I have to keep on using this command on folders, audio tracks, midi tracks and groups every time I add one or a set of them to the project

I think what you are looking for is at page 537/538 of the C6 operation manual.

Had a good look at the manual but doesnt address my issues. What I want is for when you use color for similar track types’ - is there a preference for the colour to stick from that point on when you add more tracks of the same type.

Currently it makes a lot of sense to my eyes to color folders 1 colour, colour audio tracks another, midi another etc… makes my projects easier to navigate. But as it stands I have to constantly recolour as the project grows. If theres an option there to use colour for similar tracks and always from this point on - then happy days. If not I’m not sure about the usefulness of the feature. Its halfway there in my opinion