Use Cubase 7 book for Cubase 8? New book for 8?

Hi All,

I’ve been looking around for comprehensive Cubase books/guides. It seems the latest and most relevant version is ‘Power Tools For Cubase 7’.

My question is: Can I use this book effectively for Cubase 8?

If anyone has read/owns this book (and has also used Cubase 7, as I am new to the software) can they advise on whether or not this will be a useful tool for me.

Alternatively if anyone knows of any Cubase 8 books or any release dates for such an item please let me know.

Well the vast majority of Cubase didn’t change between 7 & 8, so the majority of the book’s content should apply. The stuff that is different between the 2 versions falls into two categories. 1) New features in 8 that aren’t in 7. Your book won’t have any info on these, so it can’t lead you astray. 2) Functionality that actually changed between versions. First there a less of these than new features. Second most of these behave enough like they used to to not cause problems.

Go to Steinberg’s site and check the documentation on what’s different between the versions to fill in the gaps between your book and the actual behavior of C8. Basically you’ll know when something has been drastically changed because the book won’t match the program. When that happens just look up that function in the C8 Operations Manual.

All of that is the long way to say - yeah use the C7 book.