Use different flows to compose a piece?

I just bought Dorico Elements today and I am still exploring it and going through the documentation.
I really like the concepts and workflow of Dorico so far. Very impressed with it!

One question I have around flows is that, can I somehow arrange different flows in the “Play” tab to compose my piece?
I have some background in FL Studio as well and the way I see flows in that way, is like “Patterns” in FL Studio.

For example I would create following flows:

  • Intro
  • Main motif
  • Variation 1
  • Variation 2
  • Outro

So I would have 5 different flows.
Can I then compose my entire piece in the Play tab so I could have something like:

Intro - Main motif - Variation 1 - Main Motif - Variation 2 - Main Motif - Outro

Or is that a completely wrong way to think about the concept “Flow”?

Your idea could be a nice option to have in Dorico, but it isn’t in the current version.

You can change the order of the flows in Setup mode, but there is no way to repeat a flow.

You can copy your “Main motif” flow twice in setup mode and arrange the flows as in your example, but the three copies will not be linked together if you make any changes. Of course it’s easy to delete the old copies and create new ones, but you have to remember to do that yourself.

Thanks. I’ll keep in mind that I can change the order in the setup section and then I can copy/paste between parts.