Use Dorico on Multiple Computers?

I got a new computer and I installed Dorico but can’t get the license to work. How do I do this? I don’t have a USB licenser and boy oh boy do I not want to need one.


Well… I’m afraid you need one.
Unless you are going to use Dorico only on the new computer. In this case, you might solve the issue on Steinberg’s site, regenerating a license. This is something that they would allow in this kind of case.

Blah! How do I get one of these things? Can I use an iLok?

You need an “eLicenser” type USB licenser. It is different from iLok, primarily used by Steinberg and VSL (along with a few others) to use a single Dorico license on more than one computer regularly. If you’re just transferring to the new computer, read here about Reactivation:

If you have moved Dorico to a new computer and you’re no longer using it on your old one, you don’t need a USB-eLicenser: you can simply reactivate Dorico on your new computer using the Soft-eLicenser. You’ll need a new activation code, which you can get from your MySteinberg page: click the big red ‘Reactivate’ button at the top to get started. Please see this article for more information.