Use "Draw"/Pencil Tool On Multiple Audio Tracks Simultaneously

I know how to cut and comp multple audio tracks at once, but how can I use the Draw pencil to edit them at the same time on the exact same spots?
Usecase: I want to do manually de-essing on backing vocals, All 4 tracks are in the same folder and group editing is enabled.

Also, is there a way to make the exact same audio on VariAudio, for different tracks that recorded the same musical sentences?

I’m not sure if it’s different with the pencil tool, but for editing multiple tracks at once you need to put them all in a folder and enable “group editing”.

Once you do that all editing will be reflected on all tracks, provided the clips match in length and position.

Hi Henrique! Thanks for the comment.
As I mentioned - All tracks are indeed in a folder and group editing is enabled. It doesn’t work.
Any other idea?

Any Ideas anyone?

Trying again…

Group editing does not work if the regions inside the group are not exactly the same length.
(in this case, even if the Groupediting button is illuminated, it does not actually work.)