Use Draw tool to make ghost copies

Sorry to bring this up again but this is a really useful way of working which seems to have been abandoned…

There used to be (in the early days of Cubase) a way of specifying whether you wanted a real or a ghost (shared) copy of an event or part when using the pencil tool, just by pressing ctrl or alternate (if my memory serves me right).
Is there a way of doing this in current versions of Cubase?
I use shared copies all the time but Cubase always seems to default to creating real copies of events.
It would speed things up for me if I could have a preference to change all commands relating to copying/duplicating/repeating to default to creating shared copies…

Anybody else feeling the need for a quicker way to make ghost (shared) copies? :question:

Alt-Shift and drag still makes shared copies. On a Mac of course the Alt would be the Option key.
See page 73-74 of the operating manual. There are also duplicate and repeat commands.:wink:

Yes I know - thank you, but that’s different from using the draw tool…

to clarify, it is possible to make multiple shared copies of a shared copy by Option + dragging (I’m talking MIDI here), but I can’t seem to make multiple shared copies of a real part by Shift + Option dragging…the draw tool appears but that just draws in a new empty part.
I would like to be able to quickly draw in multiple shared copies of any midi part (real or shared)

I seem to remember the reference to “ghost copies” back in the Cubase VST era.
Whether this was accomplished by “drawing” I don’t remember exactly - I give you the benefit of the doubt.
The important point however is that shared copying is still possible albeit only by dragging (audio or midi), drawing in copies are no longer supported in versions at least back to 4 AFAIK.
So you’ll just have to adapt your workflow to the methods outlined in the OM.

Yes indeed - and I have been doing so for many years, but couldn’t we have this back? It would make programming MIDI much more fluid

You can still do this. Option + Click. See the little pencil in the corner. Then START DRAGGING. Then press ‘Shift’ and they become shared repeated sections.