Use flat line instead of brace for staves

How can I replace the curly tradiutional brace for piano staves with a flat thick line like this for my whole score:


Not sure if I understand your question.
Are you asking for Piano staves or for a full score?
For full score go to
Engrave mode / Brackets and Braces / Bracket End design
Select “none”
I don’t know if it’s possible for Piano staves only.

Ah, I just found it.
In Engrave mode you can select the piano brace and in the left tab choose “Insert Bracket”
Now the piano stave get the same bracket as the other instrument groups, without wings

Yes, I explicitly said piano, not full score, and not in the context of a full score. Sorry if not clear - when I said whole score I meant for the whole of the piano piece in question, not for a full score. That could be read wrong!

Would lbe great to have a way to do this.

OK, see my edit in my first post :wink:

This is a two steps process:

  1. In Engrave Mode select the piano brace in the score
    In the left panel under “Bracketing” choose “Insert Bracket” (this is the first one)
    Now the Piano Staves have a Bracket instead of a brace
  2. Go to “Engraving Options”
    Select “Brackets and Braces” in the left panel
    In “Bracket end Design” (in the right panel) choose “None”
    Now the wings should be gone

@teacue very nice!

At first it only changed the page I was on, but then I wen to the first page, checked set properties globally, and the whole score updated.

Many thanks!