"Use global bar count" gone?

Hi everyone,

I noticed that when I opened a score in Dorico 5 made in Dorico 4 that in a part of the orchestral score where I previously was using a global unmetered bar in all instruments except the solo instrument (which has a long cadenza in 4/4 against the other instruments) suddenly the solo instrument has every bar counted. This was different before. I do not remember how I set it up when I wrote the score, but I would really like to have the previous state back.

In a forum post (Global bar count error?) I read about a “use global bar count” option, but I cannot find it anywhere, also not in the online manual (I am using the German version). Is this still available in Dorico 5?

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No, this option was indeed removed in Dorico 5.

Oh, thats a pity… Will it be coming back eventually? If not what would be the best way to fake it? Do I have to put a bar number change onto each single bar?

We don’t have any plans to bring this option back, no. What is your desired end result, that when the solo instrument rejoins the rest of the ensemble, the bar numbers become the same for all instruments?

I would like to have all the bars of the cadenza counted as just one bar. The way it is for the other instruments, which just see one bar with a fermata in their parts.

Could you adjust the measure numbers to start at the same point when all come back together and use letter suffixes for the composite measure in the solo part (47a, 47b, 47c) as is often used for added measures in Broadway scores?

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This sounds like a very good idea! Any way I can do it automatically without having to do it manually for each bar?

You set a bar number change at the start and end of the section.