Use GPU to process export

We’re having great GPU and it seems that Cubase only uses the CPU when rendering.
Woudn’t it be great if GPU could be used during rendering, specialy for video export ?
Thanks !

Nice idea, but…

  1. x86/amd64 code cannot be executed by your graphics card directly, so any VST plugin would prevent Cubase from doing the rendering completely there,

  2. there’s quite a lot of graphic cards related problems visible in this forum, meaning that NVidia people have to use certain driver types, AMD people have not to use certain settings, INTEL GPUs lose compatibility with Windows 10 release upgrades after a few years etc. - this would become even worse if audio computations would rely on a decently configured graphics adapter.

There’s a reverb plugin that can use your graphics card (, but it will introduce one additional ASIO block of latency, and the author claims that time of its hype may be over, because CPUs today are just strong enough to compute such things. Since this month, it’s freeware, so simply try it out and have fun with it.