Use group tracks as folders

You’re talking but nothing is coming out of your brain that shows any real understanding of why different people like different things. Why not have the feature? Why is it so offensive to you that people who spend a lot of time with large templates and smaller screens could use a little boost in their workflow? C’mon dude show some respect. It’s not about being greedy… this forum has been put up with a feature request section in it for this very reason…to discuss features/pros/cons… if you don’t wanna discuss them, f*ck off.

There’s nothing wrong with FL studio, either.

But nobody are using it for multi-track recordings fyi.

I’m discussing it, ain’t I? I’m studying neurophysiology and I really knows well how people differs. But check out the problem: the really needed features are not the one, people are crying the most about at this forum (especially unskilled people (fiy I don’t doubt ur skills, just saying)).

You won’t deny that there are more “noobs” than “PROs” in the world, simply because being a PRO is hard. So noobs will get together and will shout their noobish ideas. And PROs will shout theirs, but they will always be a minority.

So whom Steinberg should listen too?
I’m here not to say your idea is bad. I am here to say there are some more important problems to solve in Cubase.
And you can have a test: if you can name a few bigger issues Cubase have, I’ll consider you as a man who knows what is he talking about.

Because I don’t necessarily use or know about features that you do, it doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. Now you are really being offensive. I haven’t the time nor the energy right now to think of issues I have with Cubase. In fact there aren’t that many that really bother me.

I’d quite like things to be just a little more intuitive and smart. And having the option to add group tracks/folder tracks wrapped into one to save endless moving around large project files when it can be less confusing. If you have to navigate less channels, does that not give you more time to enjoy making the music?

I would quite like the time/pitch algos to be as good as say, ableton though. but this again, is quite minor. Why make life harder when you can make it easier?

It’s not entirely impossible to achieve this in FL though.

Mate, do you know what legacy means? Some things will stay like they are - forever, get over it.
Like it’s not not impossible to mix a band if FL Studio, so it’s not not impossible to live without group-tracks-as-folders. Because the efforts aren’t worth the rewards.

Mate, do you know what legacy means? Some things will stay like they are - forever, get over it.
Like it’s not not impossible to mix a band if FL Studio, so it’s not not impossible to live without group-tracks-as-folders. Because the efforts aren’t worth the rewards.

Do you just talk for the sake of talking? Get over yourself. You act with entitlement and superiority. Your tone of writing and words just seem to condescend and belittle people.

I’m not losing sleep over not having group tracks as folders, it would just be a welcome feature. Other Daws have implemented this, and yes, Cubase may be superior in many other ways, but again, I beg you to ask yourself the question… Why the f**k not have it?


Simple and straightforward answer: because implementation of this duplicate functionality will take time, resources and attention away from the more important things. And some FR really triggers me because of how irresponsible people makes up feature requests.

If you are looking for a way to improve Cubase, maybe you would like to say something in these FR threads:

Some great requests in your list but lots of opinion on this stuff will still be subjective. I will delve into some of these issues and discuss a little more in detail later on, but again if the devs at Steinberg ever had the time to implement the smaller things, they would still be welcome to a high number of people… noobs or not! p.s by the way I really hate pros calling people noobs… You were a noob once… don’t be so hard on those starting out. Better to educate them than to rant/get triggered.

Cubase has it too, it’s called Instrument Track. But it’s half-baked.

Now we have Instrument Tracks and Instrument Racks, which are essentially the same and overlap in a lot of features, but at the same time they lack some features from the other.

Instrument Tracks are half baked, but Instrument Racks are neglected. You just have to watch the “output” icon, which is the same of the Instrument Tracks but bad placed. Also, you can’t save outputs as presets and outputs are not persistent (which means you can’t update your instrument, because you’re going to lose all the settings you did in the outputs).

I mean, aren’t you able to see which is the problem and why it is important?

Maybe you don’t use this kind of tracks, which is perfectly fine, but I think you would agree with me in one thing: They should “end” what they started (Instrument tracks) and don’t let the old way die (Instrument Rack).

Of course, Steinberg has the last word and I don’t know if they read this forums a lot. Well, they do read the one about the exporting video feature, promised for 9.5 and now for 10.5.

This is already a bit off topic, but it shares the same soul than the OP request. Improve the workflow. And are related in a way, you have to use two tracks to do what could be possible (and better) in just one track. Especially for larger templates.

I suggest you do that yourself.

I have worked extensively with Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Studio One and Cubase (and dabbled somewhat with Ableton).

In comparison I find the workflow in Studio One and Logic Pro X superior (with regards to linear recording, otherwise Ableton is good).

Cubase has it’s fine moments but in many instances it has lagged behind.
Saying that the workflow in Cubase couldn’t/shouldn’t be improved is just ignorant rubbish.


yes please!
And it would be great if one could assign a midi track to the folder and have it play all the instruments contained in it so it would also create a nicer workflow when it comes to stacking and layering synths. Using MIDI sends just doesn’t cut it and it’s laborious.

Now even Pro-Tools is getting it’s version of it and it’s dubbed “The most requested feature”.

Logic Pro X has it, Studio One has it, Pro-Tools soon has it, when will Cubase get it?

I hope never, still a bad idea.

So, even though it wouldn’t affect you at all, you don’t want anyone else to have it?
Grumpy much? :smiley:

But it will affect me, just by wasting resources on a feature that IMHO is unnecessary.

To each his own

Some would say that ARA is unnecessary.
Some would say that loops are unnecessary.
And some might even say that a DAW is unnecessary.

It is probably right for them but a lot a people would disagree and say it’s vital and necessary.

To me, having worked in both Logic and Studio One, I would say that having the option to use group Tracks as folders is an amazing organizational and structually simplifying tool that I miss and I would love to see it in Cubase.