Use group tracks as folders

To be honest I don’t understand what function is requested.

  • Add selected channels to group: Possible with one key command.
  • Move tracks inside folder track: Possible with Click, Shift Click, Drag.
  • Move group track inside folder track: Possible with Drag.
  • Show Channels that are connected with the First Selected Channel: Erm.

This is possible, IF the command is fired in the Mixconsole, and “Sync Project and Mixconsole selection is enabled”, AND you have the folder open in the project window.

I don’t understand what exactly is missing in Cubase that having group tracks as folders will solve.

  1. I agree that visibility agents could be improved. In the above for example, “show connected channels” could work in the project window. Folders could automatically open when a channel within is selected by other means. This is a feature request. (

  2. I agree that groups could get a “folderlike” style in mixconsole and apply their own visibilty agents on the spot. (If “sync project and Mixconsole” is enabled, it would apply to the project window too)

  3. I agree that it should be easier to add channels to an existing group.

Could the OP be more specific? In what ways would group tracks be akin to folders? If we wanted to assign the same track to 3 or 4 different groups, how would that be handled?

To clarify

Steinberg/Cubase uses a terminology different than most other daws and that might be confusing.
For instance: In Cubase the Solo "S” is red and the Mute "M” is yellow :unamused: which seems like an odd choice since in other daws it’s the other way around - but most importantly:

“Groups” in Cubase are usually referred to as “Buses” or “Auxes” in other daws while “Groups” in other daws are “Links” in Cubase. Confusing? :confused:

The functionality that is requested is the possibility to let Folders act as Buses/Auxes (Groups in Cubase).
The keyword here is “the possibility”. It wouldn’t change anything for anyone unless you want to.
If you want to use Cubase exactly the way you have been the last 20 yrs - go ahead - this won’t affect you even the slightest.

If you want to activate it you do it folder by folder, no global parameter, just another feature you can activate if you like.
In Studio One for instance, you have an extra button/menu on the folder track where you can “Add Bus Channel” or “Add VCA Fader” to all the tracks in that folder.

So what? You say. Can’t you add Bus/Group/Aux to channels in Cubase already?

Of course you can, but the BIG difference here is that if you do it this way - you won’t have BOTH a folder and a bus/group/aux because the folder IS the bus/group/aux. It also brings a huge benefit in the console because you can fold away tracks at the click of a button on the folder/bus/group/aux and leaving only the folder/bus/group/aux in the console. This makes for a cleaner console overview with quick and easy navigation if you use a lot of tracks/channels.
In the arrange window it means that you don’t need BOTH a bus and a folder (if you don’t want to of course).

If you still don’t understand the benefits or maybe want to try it out I suggest you check out Studio One or Logic for instance. They have had this functionality a long time.

Recently Pro Tools got it as well and it was announced by AVID as “the most requested feature” but I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it in PT myself yet.

Please, Steinberg, make this a part of the next update. It is definately MY most requested feature.

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Thanks for taking the time to write this down.

For the quoted part, my thoughts:

I absolutely need this function! BUT: I don’t want to have two different flavors of folders, one that is a dumb container and one THAT PASSES AUDIO.

I think it would be more elegant if folders remained folders and groups remained groups, but both of them would be able to expand/reduce (or spill/close or whatever other synonym), in both the arrangement window, and the mixconsole.

If it was implemented like it is in Studio One, you would be able to expand folders in both arrangement and mixconsole but the only way to “expand” Groups/Buses is if the channels are inside a Group/Bus-folder.

Howewer, Universal Audio new daw Luna has a smart “Spill” feature where you have a “Spill” button on the Group/Bus and when you activate it you ONLY see the Group/Bus and the channels that are connected to that Group/Bus. It’s really handy, especially if you have a habit of routing channels that are located in different places of the mixer/console to the same bus. It would definitely make for another useful feature request.

Cubase has this too, but it’s hidden in right click menus, plus it’s not a toggle. (you can’t press the same button twice and have the group show/hide. Actually, there is no button, it’s a key command)

That’s why I’m more in favor of Steinberg tightening up visibility agents and refine those obscure commands (show connected channel). They would allow for the exact same functionality, plus they are halfway there already. If they start messing with folders and groups (and effect and vca since they fall in the same category), I’m afraid we might have a genie story situation in our hands. :smiley:

Yeah, I have always considered it useless since it’s not a toggle.
Nothing except the connected channels are displayed (everything else hidden) and then you’re like, ok, how do I go back? :unamused:

If you really need a Spill feature I guess a macro that first stores the Config and then executes the keycommand to show connected channels could solve that problem and afterwards, just recall the Config and you’re good to go.

+1 !

Some said inventing the wheel was a bad idea.
Still, it turned out to be quite useful.



ProTool after millenia was able to do that: you can choose if an AUX track can be converted to a FOLDER which is also a BUS that receives the tracks that are inside, OR as a simple folder container.

Also if you have a FOLDER which is also a BUS receiver you can decide if the tracks inside are going INTO that or different output and it gives much more flexibility that the simple FOLDER gives.


Yes, in Pro Tools they are called Folders or Routing Folders where you can add plugins and acts as a bus.
Brilliant idea, I wish we had something like that in Cubendo.