Use Halion 5 presets in Halion Sonic 2?

Hi everyone,

I have used Halion and Halion Sonic for quite some time now. While Halion of course is best for sound design and making new presets I still prefer Halion Sonic as player in my songs. Unfortunately, I have never found a way to create the preset in Halion and use it in the songs via Halion Sonic since Halion Sonic simply does not see any Halion presets.

Is there any way to do this? Or is there any plan that maybe allows this in the future?


unfortunately not

only steinberg knows , personally i don´t think they do

it would be nice for sure , but they would needs probably open HS 2 for sample import etc , sa i said i don´t think it will happen

Or away to save your presets to the HS2 soundsets from H5 would be a better idea so they show up in the filter straight away