Use Instrument tracks for multi out instead of midi tracks

Both Studio One and Logic Pro can use instrument tracks instead of midi tracks for the multi out channels on Kontact and Halion Sonic.

It would be much appreciated!

Pretty frustrating not having this option.

Open the Rack. In the top Track section find the VSTi that corresponds to to your Instrument Track. Just to the right of the VSTi name is a triangle pointing down which sets the I/O Options. Use it to enable any additional audio outputs which will then appear in the MixConsole.

Sorry but it’s not the same. Any one who has used Logic or Studio One will understand. It places midi on the audio track…aka instrument track instead of having a midi track AND and audio track for each additional multi out.

Maybe you can describe this with enough detail so that folks who do not use Logic or Studio One will understand your request.

What you describe here still sounds like an Instrument Track to me. I can have Kontakt on an Instrument Track, load 4 solo instruments for a string quartet, assign each instrument to its own audio output (or have them all go to a single audio output - users choice), then create a single MIDI Part on the Track that has the Violins on Channel 1, Violas Channel 2, etc. From my perspective this sounds like what you are requesting, but I assume it really isn’t the same thing so…?

An instrument track can place the midi on the actual audio channel ( instrument track ) in the arrange page.
So in logic and studio one instead of creating a whole bunch of audio channels PLUS creating midi channels for your midi you just essentially create one track ( instrument track ) for each additional output on your multi out instrument. Way more efficient way to work.

I’m not understanding the distinction you are trying to make. Maybe a pic? Or on the other hand maybe it doesn’t matter if I understand.

I can appreciate that it’s a foreign concept if you have not used it.

Here’s a descriptive video I made.

What James is trying to do is exactly what I would like to do as well. The reason I am looking for this solution is as follows.
I have a Steinberg CC121 console interface. It essentially is a hardware channel strip with all kinds of controls on it. As I step through each channel I need to control both the midi and audio from the same channel (like and instrument channel). I had to build a template with over 150 instruments using instrument channels and not being able to take advantage of Rack instruments. I am using two networked computers with Vienna Ensemble Pro to share the load but it is really pushing the computers pretty hard. I don’t know how much resources I could save by using Racks, but I can’t find an option to make them work.

1.If I setup Cubase with instrument tracks, the audio and midi are on the same track and I can easily move from one track (channel) to the next controlling volume, eq, pan, record enable and so on (both midi and audio controls are available on the same track).

So as I step through each track I have complete control over the audio and midi in a single channel strip.

2.If I setup Cubase with Rack instrument tracks the audio and midi are on 2 different tracks so I don’t have access to say the volume and pan of the instrument(audio controls) and the record arm, vst instrument controls (midi controls), at the same time on the same track.

With a Rack instrument I have to bounce back and forth between two tracks to try and get things done, which doesn’t actually work with the CC121, so would have to use a mouse.

Logic, Ableton, Studio One, Bitwig, and others. all have the ability to create a number of individual “instruments tracks” from a single vst multi-instrument loaded with multiple instruments. I can put 4 different instruments on 4 different midi tracks and 4 different audio outputs( violin, viola, cello and bass) in a single instance of Kontakt and I only need to have 4 tracks in the DAW to access those 4 instruments.

If you used a “Hardware” synth in Cubase you can essentially do what James is trying to do because you can combine the midi controls with the audio into a single track essentially creating an “instrument track”. This is pretty much what all the other DAWs are doing with their virtual instruments. In fact in Ableton that is exactly how they do it.


100% yes, a big one!

Does this work with External sound modules if they are set as VSTi in cubase? If so, I am 100% with you on that.